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Botanical Bath & Shower Cleanser 32oz Active Man Hair & Body Wash-Buy One Get One Free
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $14.00
Now Available in 32 oz size! Hydron« Botanical Bath & Shower Cleanser is a soap-free, generously foaming body wash that cleans skin gently.  Cleansing agents derived from coconut oil lather away dirt without robbing skin of its natural lubricants and humectants. This botanical and vitamin enriched complex leaves skin fresh and clean, while its pH-balanced blend of Hydron moisturizing and conditioning ingredients creates a soft and silky feel that lasts.

Botanical Bath & Shower Cleanser combines the moisturizing benefits of Hydron technology with nature's finest ingredients: allantoin, from the comfrey root, heals dry skin and is an FDA-classified over-the-counter, safe and effective skin protectant; comfrey, known for its invigorating and skin nurturing effects; aloe vera gel, the pulpy extract from the aloe vera plant, famous for its moisturizing and soothing properties; chamomile, a potential anti-irritant that soothes the skin with its rejuvenating and relaxing benefits; calendula, a wonderful emollient or skin softener derived from marigolds; hydrolyzed wheat protein, an excellent skin conditioner; slippery elm, a soothing bark extract; licorice root, a soothing emollient that helps open pores; and extracts derived from sea plants, for their moisturizing properties.
Each day, as we perspire, we lose moisture and disrupt our electrolyte balance. By combining science with nature, this unique Hair & Body Wash cleanses and replenishes the skin with electrolytes and minerals. Leaves Hair and skin feeling hydrated and conditioned.




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Tri-Activating Skin Clarifier

List Price $37.00
Sale Price: $35.00
Tri-Activating Skin Clarifier
Tri-Activating Skin Clarifier is a natural fruit acid exfoliant, that will gently enhance your skin's renewal process by clearing away dead surface cells. Its triple alpha-hydroxy fruit acids dissolve the "bond" that holds dead cells on the skin's surface. It works gradually (optimum results appear in about 2-3 weeks) to smooth and re-texturize skin, improve evenness of tone, skin translucency, resilience and elasticity. This is a clear, oil free geleÚ that absorbs instantly. In addition, we have added green tea extract for its soothing qualities. Our Hydron-based formula, combined with the moderate AHA level, low pH value and green tea extract make this a truly non-irritating AHA for virtually all skin types. It has been dermatologist tested and approved.

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