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What is a peptide?
They are small proteins that stimulate new cells to grow as well as heal; the key building blocks of nearly all living tissue.
Peptides, combined with anti-oxidants A and E, are these product's claim to fame!
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Premier Tri-Peptide Eye Cream Premier Tri-Peptide Recovery Serum
Sale Price: $49.50
Sale Price: $67.50

Creamy Decadence! The Tri-Peptide Moisturizing Eye Creme deeply softens the delicate skin around your eyes eliminating crows feet and and dramatically reducing the appearance of dark circles and saddle bags. Our gentle ingredients will not irritate your eyes, gentle enough even for contact lens wearers. Paraben and fragrance free! Show those crows feet who’s the boss with Hydron’s Tri-Peptide Moisturizing Eye Creme! 0.5 oz Jar

The Creme De La Creme Of Hydron's Products! The Tri-Peptide Recovery Serum is a deeply hydrating formula that will dramatically reduce the length and depth of even the deepest wrinkles. It relaxes the facial tensions that cause wrinkles and helps to rebuild and sustain collagen making skin more supple and wrinkle free. Featuring Matrixyl 3000, giving you a more youthful appearance. Now paraben and fragrance free! Infused with all natural hypoallergenic Cucumber Extracts that Refresh, Firm, and increase your skins ability to absorb and retain moisture. Turn back the clock with the ultimate anti-aging product, Hydron's Tri-Peptide Recovery Serum! 1 oz Pump Bottle


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Tri-Activating Skin Clarifier

List Price $37.40
Sale Price: $28.05
Tri-Activating Skin Clarifier
Tri-Activating Skin Clarifier is a natural fruit acid exfoliant, that will gently enhance your skin's renewal process by clearing away dead surface cells. Its triple alpha-hydroxy fruit acids dissolve the "bond" that holds dead cells on the skin's surface. It works gradually (optimum results appear in about 2-3 weeks) to smooth and re-texturize skin, improve evenness of tone, skin translucency, resilience and elasticity. This is a clear, oil free geleé that absorbs instantly. In addition, we have added green tea extract for its soothing qualities. Our Hydron-based formula, combined with the moderate AHA level, low pH value and green tea extract make this a truly non-irritating AHA for virtually all skin types. It has been dermatologist tested and approved.

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